Press Release 29 August 2018


Guaranteed holidays – for a lifetime!
Berlin start-up ensures “holidays at retirement age” with its innovative financial product “Holiday Pension” (“Urlaubsrente”)

Berlin, 29 August 2018 – Start thinking about tomorrow today and continue to fulfil your desires as you grow older: The holiday pension is a retirement provision product which is specially configured to meet the need of “holidays at retirement age” and offering maximum flexibility for the customer in the payout phase. The idea: customers should be able to fulfil their holiday wishes every year even when they are elderly, regardless of the size of their pension.

Investment strategy versus wanderlust: There are three tariffs to choose from, depending on either personal budget or holiday dream. By selecting either “Germany”, “Europe” or “long-distance travels”, the customer decides where their annual journey will take them once they reach retirement age. High comprehensibility, flexibility and a sensible investment concept count among the most important features of the holiday pension. Anyone between the ages of 30 and 55 can take out the Holiday Pension – and once they retire, decide how their savings are to be paid out during retirement: whether regularly for their annual holiday or all at once to fulfil a lifetime’s dream such as a round-the-world trip. It is also possible to alternate between regular and larger payouts.

The Holiday Pension is a product of Novasurance SE, which has been active on the German market since March 2018. Its founders and board members are Rainer Bastian, a trained travel agent with years of experience in the field of retirement planning, and Tim Fabian Besser, who has many years of international management experience with digital business models.

“With the Holiday Pension, as many people as possible should be able to afford a holiday at least once a year, even when they are older”, says the committed management duo. “Moreover, as a retirement planning product, it is also a digital pioneer, as it can be fully concluded online and the customer does not have to fill out complex questionnaires. Customers do not need to laboriously print out documents and return them by post – all of the processing steps and necessary formalities can be completed with just a few clicks at”, the two explain.

For the first time, the Holiday Pension makes it possible to place an attractive retirement planning product in the travel industry’s ecosystem. This means that not only the customers themselves but also online travel portals, travel agencies, mobile travel agents and tour operators can be offered relevant added value. Furthermore, every Holiday Pension holder is also tomorrow’s travel customer.

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